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Find out why an increasing number of contact centers are realizing the benefits of Fonolo's call-back technology.

Call Back Solution-

Reap the rewards of our patented contact center technology.

Enhance CX

Create a better experience and increase customer loyalty by eliminating hold time.

Smooth Out Call Spikes

Improve contact center productivity and reduce the need to hire additional resources.

Realize ROI

Drive incremental revenue, encourage repeat customers, and spend less on overheads.

Lower Abandon Rates

Reduce complaints and build trust with your customers by decreasing Abandonment Rates up to 60%.

Reduce Telco Costs

Decrease expensive toll and trunk charges and other unnecessary telephony costs.

Improve Metrics

Meet and exceed your goals for NPS, SLA's, AHT, ASA, CSat, and other metrics important to you.

//How Fonolo Empowers Your Business

Eliminate hold time and boost customer service.

Call-backs are a customer experience no-brainer: Improve metrics, increase ROI, and smooth out call spikes with the click
of a button.
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Eliminate hold time with call backs
Fonolo Portal

Real-time call center analytics at your fingertips.

Stay in the know with instant insights into your contact center’s activity with the Fonolo Portal.
Discover the Fonolo Portal

Customized call-backs on phone, web, and mobile.

Deliver an exceptional customer experience by offering call-backs on any channel, at any time.
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Visual IVR | Interactive Voice Responce

How It Works

Your contact center is swamped with customer calls Your contact center is swamped with customer calls

Your contact center is swamped with customer calls

When all your agents are busy, your customers are left waiting on hold.

Give your customer the option to 'Press 1' for a call-back

When a call-back request is made, the call is transferred to Fonolo and your customer hangs up.

Fonolo waits on hold so your customer doesn't have to

Our SaaS solution places a new call to your contact center on behalf of the customer.

Ring! A happy customer is connected with your agent

Your agent will answer a regular inbound call with CTI data intact. Then, your customer receives a call from Fonolo with a live agent on the line.

Millions of Customers Save Time with Fonolo

10 M revenue growth

$10Min revenue growth

Decrease Abandon Rate

60%decrease in Abandon Rate

Fonolo Portal

Discover all the features that can empower your call center.

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