A Call-Back Solution that Eliminates Hold Time

Offer a call-back so your customers never wait on hold again.

A Call-Back Solution that Eliminates Hold Time

Respects your customers’ time. Fonolo is the most convenient way to connect customers with your call center, regardless of where the conversation begins.

  • Smart Dialing: Connect callers to the right agent every time. No more zero-outs.
  • Scheduled Call-Backs: Your callers choose a time that works best for them. Smooth out volume spikes at your call center.
  • Multi-Channel: Support your customers on their preferred channel: web, mobile or IVR/ACD.


Fonolo: Call-Back Software for the Call Center

Fonolo removes the barriers preventing your call center from reaching its full potential.

  • Offer a call-back so your customer never wait on hold again
  • Eliminate major call center complaints and protect your reputation
  • Get lower cost-per-call while improving the call center experience
  • Works with the call center you have today and the one you’ll have tomorrow
  • Cloud-based service starts at $99/mo for up to 10 agents


Incentives for Companies to Offer Call-Backs:Incentives for Companies to Offer Call-Backs:

Lower Cost

Companies pay a premium to accept toll-free calls. Call-backs allow a company to make cheaper outbound calls. This is more relevant for smaller companies.

Virtual Queuing

A company can offer you a call-back as an alternative to keeping you on hold. They can give you the option to get the call when the next available agent is free, or in a time window you specify. (If it’s the latter, we call it a “scheduled call-back.”)

Added Context

This is the most powerful of the three, but used the least. Call-backs provide a way to tie a more advanced interface like the web or smartphone to a standard phone-call, which is plagued with a very poor interface (no visual display and only a 12 button keypad). For example, you could use the web interface to answer questions that the agent will need before the call. Or, if you are already logged in to a company’s website, the agent can skip the chore of asking security questions.

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