Why is Fonolo so well-suited for the financial industry?

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From the first day that we announced our enterprise product, the financial industry has been the one most interested in our product. (I think my first phone call on my first day at Fonolo was to a bank.) Why is this so?

Unique challenges

Companies in the financial sector place extremely high demands on their call center. The complicated and sensitive nature of the calls handled requires an agent who is highly trained and experienced.  This, in turn, leads to a high cost-per-call. At the same time, customer relationships are long-lasting, meaning that sacrificing caller satisfaction in the short term is not an option.

This creates a tough challenge:  How do you decrease the cost-per-call, while improving the customer experience?  Banking, insurance and credit card companies have discovered that Fonolo is the perfect solution to this exact challenge.

The mobile opportunity

Financial companies have embraced the myriad opportunities created by the rise of the smart phone. See Shai’s post for more on this. Fonolo is the only solution that can add intelligent agent calling to a mobile application without any changes to the call center.

Learn more

For more on this, check out our whitepaper called “Fonolo for the Financial Industry”.


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