The multi-channel challenge

Call Center

Multi-channel call centers are getting more and more common.

Today’s customer wants to reach you through multiple channels: phone, web, email are the minimum. Mobile applications are becoming a “must-have” in some segments (airlines, banks). Twitter, Facebook and some form of real-time chat are gaining popularity. If your job is running a call center, things are not going to get any easier. (See “Getting Multichannel right is hard”.)

The hand-off challenge

A key challenge is transferring people between channels at the right moments to make the most of each channel’s ability. Online self-serve interactions are by far the lowest cost to your company, but you certainly don’t want to lose a sale by locking someone into that channel or not providing an alternative when there is a hiccup. The “hiccup scenario” is one of the major drivers of click-to-call and click-to-chat implementations. For example, they allow you to rescue purchases from becoming abandoned shopping carts. But only if the implementation is done right.

Fonolo’s approach to providing a mobile- and web-friendly interface for your call center is the easiest and most flexible way to achieve that smooth hand-off. We can handle hand-off between email and calls, and even between live chat and calls. (Contact me if you want to learn more.)

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