Travel Planners Adds Virtual Queuing to its Call Center

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Travel Planners International (TPI) is an agency that supports travel agents by giving them direct access to air, car, hotel, cruise and tour products. At the core of their offering is a web service (TPICENTRAL) that travel agents use to search and book trips. When matters get complicated, there is also a call center that agents can dial for help.

As a consumer, you would never interact with TPI. But if you’ve ever used an independent travel agent, they were able to do their job because of TPI, or a service like it.

Several months ago, TPI embarked on a major redesign of that agent-facing web platform and became convinced that adding Fonolo would help agents immediately become more productive.

We are constantly looking for ways to help our agents do their work more effectively. Losing incoming calls from agents not willing to wait on hold is unacceptable and we recognized that there was an opportunity to improve the process of connecting callers to the call center.

– TPI General Manager Erwing Hernandez

TPICENTRAL now features Fonolo’s Web Call-Backs (formerly Visual IVR). Agents who need to contact the call center can now request a call with one click, avoiding phone menus and hold time. Because Fonolo’s cloud-based service can integrate seamlessly and automatically with any call center, TPI did not have to change any of its infrastructure or business processes to create this internal virtual queuing solution.

“The most impressive feature of Fonolo was the setup. It was seamless and very easy,” said Hernandez. “Fonolo is key to the success of our new platform. We are now providing a better phone experience for our agents.”

This is another great example of how Fonolo’s visual dialing interface and call-back system can improve the calling experience and make call center agents more efficient.


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