Don’t wait on hold for us, we’ll wait for you!

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There’s nothing quite like getting great feedback from customers!  Here’s what Jeb Brilliant had to say about Fonolo in a recent blog post:

I’ve written about fonolo before but I wanted to remind everyone about it.  It’s a service that holds your place in line until we have an operator ready to talk with you, leaving you to do whatever you want.

You just head our to our Customer Support page and take a look on the right side for the fonolo box titled Talk to us!  Select what you’re calling for, Sales or Customer Service, fill in your number (if you have one, if not don’t put anything in there)  and the number you want us to call you back on.  Click Start Call and the then go about your business.  Once it’s your turn in our phone queue you’ll get a call from us and one of our operators will be on the other end of the call waiting to help you.

Jeb goes on to say:

We know you’re busy and don’t want to make you wait for us, we’ll wait for you.

Couldn’t have said that better myself.  And with Fonolo’s cloud-based virtual queuing services available for businesses of all sizes, nobody should ever have to wait on hold again.


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