The 10 Best Customer Service Infographics for 2012

Customer Service | 1 minute read

Want some compelling reasons to invest more in your customer service efforts? How about some great facts to help you map out your customer experience strategy?

Maybe you’re just interested in the latest trends and statistics. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the 10 most useful customer service infographics I’ve ever come across that I hope you will find useful.

1. The State of Customer Service

My Favorite Statistic:

86% of consumers have quit doing business with a company over a bad customer experience.

Source: Click Software


2. Why The Call Center Won’t Go Away

My Favorite Statistic:

79% of consumers still prefer to use the telephone to interact with a customer service center.

Call Center Infographic
Source: Zendesk


3. The Incredible Influence of the Social Customer

My Favorite Statistic:

21% of social customers will spend more for excellent service vs 11% of non-social customers.

Influence of the Social Customer Infographic
Source: Parature


4. What Do Customers Hate Most About Bad Customer Service

My Favorite Statistic:

52% of unsatisfied customers spread the word about the bad service they received.

The Impact of Bad Customer Service
Source: Zendesk


5. The Ultimate Customer Experience

My Favorite Statistic:

97% of respondents say an online experience influenced whether they would buy a product or service from a brand.

The Ultimate Customer Experience Infographic
Source: Econsultancy


6. Support Gets Social

My Favorite Statistic:

62% of consumers have used social media for customer service issues.

Support Gets Social Infographic
Source: Zendesk


7. The Mobile Advantage

My Favorite Statistic:

72% of consumers have a more favorable view of a company if they have a customer service app.

Mobile Customer Service Infographic
Source: Nuance


8. How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

This infographic shows you how to calculate customer lifetime value with a step-by-step example for Starbucks Coffee.

How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value Infographic


9. Choosing The Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

My Favorite Takeaway

Twitter is a secret weapon for customer service, with brands like Jetblue and Comcast using it to publicy address customer concerns.

Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Customer Service
Source: Zintro


10. Top 25 Most Influential in Customer Service

A great collection of 25 influential people in the customer service space. I highly recommend following these thought leaders on social channels like Twitter, and interacting with them through their blogs.

Customer Service Influencers
Source: MindTouch


What other infographics would you add to this list? Which one is the most valuable? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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