How to Deliver A Call Center Experience That Doesn’t Suck

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Despite all the new methods of communicating over the last 20 years, the telephone is still the most popular channel for customer service. Unfortunately, the call center experience is something customers continue to despise.

What do customers hate about call centers? How do callers define excellent service? Find out what steps to take to deliver a great experience and what to avoid.

Avoid The Most Common Call Center Complaints

In the age of social media, a bad caller experience can go viral in a heartbeat. Make sure you avoid these complaints or risk frustrating your customer base:

  1. Having to speak with multiple agents and start over every time
  2. Waiting on hold for a long time
  3. Rude or inexperienced support representatives
  4. Not being understood by the IVR or speech recognition applications

Source: Zendesk Infographic

Factors That Define an ‘Excellent’ Caller Experience

What do your customers expect from you? The list below outlines some of the ‘must-haves’ identified by customers. If you can deliver on these factors within your call center, you’re off to a good start.

  1. Reach a customer service agent quickly
  2. Quick call resolution
  3. The customer service representative is based in the same country
  4. Friendly and polite customer service agents
  5. The support representative has access to all my information
  6. My information on record is accurate

Source: Avaya Consumer Preference Report 2011

Learn More In Our Call Center Webinar

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Who Should Watch:

  • VP’s and Directors of Customer Service
  • VP’s and Directors of Contact Centers

Learn How to Eliminate These Customer Complaints:

  1. Phone Menu Hell
  2. Long Hold Times
  3. Repeating Information


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