3 Amazing Contact Center Reports for 2012

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I spend a lot of time researching and reading reports in the contact center industry to stay on top of the latest trends. Understanding emerging technologies, changing consumer preferences, and benchmarking contact center performance is essential to survive in an increasingly competitive environment.

Here are the three most comprehensive reports I’ve come across this year for contact center managers.

1. Consumer Preference Report Contact Centers Global 2011 – Forrester & Avaya

This report identifies patterns of consumer attitudes, which are valuable to companies mapping out their customer service strategy.

Based on a survey of 5,299 consumers, conducted by callcentres.net and sponsored by Avaya, it highlights the following key points:

  • Consumer attitudes towards customer support centers
  • What consumers want from customer service centers
  • Support channels consumers use and prefer
  • Attitudes towards emerging technologies
  • What consumers think about how and where agents are managed

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2. Customer Contact Centre Industry Technology Roadmap – Contact Centre Canada

A comprehensive overview of the evolution of the contact centers that includes changes in technology, customer needs, and organizational mandates:

  • Contact center evolution
  • Technology trends, adoption, and use
  • Future trends and the drivers of change
  • The contact center workforce overview and challenges
  • Role of vendors, government, research institutions, and the industry

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3. Multi-Channel Contact Center Benchmark Report – RightNow Technologies

Gauge your contact center success by benchmarking your KPIs and metrics against over 300 companies that participated in the survey across a number of verticals, including: software, finance, telecom, government, travel, and more.

Some of the 42 metrics benchmarked were:

  • Average cost per call
  • Agent turnover rate
  • Average email response time
  • Chat deflection rate

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