You Can’t Afford to Put Callers on Hold

Putting callers on hold is a lose-lose proposition. With every minute spent on hold, your customer gets more frustrated while your call center wastes money keeping that phone line open.

Social media has added a new sense of urgency to this problem. Consumers are social sharing real time complaints that will ultimately drag down your brand’s reputation.

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn why the best way to eliminate hold-times is to offer a call-back.

We’ll Talk About:

  • What companies are doing right now to address this issue.
  • How the smartphone makes it easier to fix the problem of hold-times.
  • What major vendors are offering today (Avaya, Genesys, InIn, Cisco).
  • Why companies are flocking to Fonolo’s cloud-based solution.

Who Should Attend:

  • VP’s & Directors of Customer Service
  • VP’s & Directors of Contact Centers
  • VP’s & Directors of Web/Social Media