Top 20 Tweeters to Follow in Customer Service 2012

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I’d like to believe most companies understand the importance of social media and its impact on customer loyalty. Social media, when used properly, enables companies to service customers (in real time), share information and seek out quality content from industry experts. Whether you’re maintaining your social media initiatives or in the information gathering stage, it’s easy to get lost in the ‘noise’ of Twitter.

Having a steady stream of information at your fingertips is easy (and convenient).

I thought it would be helpful to put a face (or icon) to Fonolo’s Top 20 Tweeters to follow. We appreciate and value the quality info they crank out, expertise shared and the reciprocated gesture when we have new content.

If you value the content from an individual or organization on Twitter, make a point to show appreciation by retweeting and simply saying ‘hi’ or ‘thanks’ – it is ‘social’ media, right?

 Top 20 Tweeters

(in alphabetical order)

  1. @AnnetteFranz
  2. @BillQuiseng
  3. @btemkin
  4. @ColinShaw_CX
  5. @CustomerThink
  6. @Dan_Rowinski
  7. @eWEEKNews
  8. @forrester
  9. @Gartner_inc
  10. @Hyken
  11. @iclindberg
  12. @ImpactLearning
  13. @KateNasser
  14. @MarshaCollier
  15. @MKCallConsult
  16. @PretiumPress
  17. @RachelLouMiller
  18. @TechVibes
  19. @TheRunningStart
  20. @TomHoffman121


Annette Franz

“Tweet abt #cxo#voc#custserv#empexp#leadership. Also tweet @cxjourney, blog #CXPA

Web: Annette Franz



Bill Quiseng

“Customer Service Blogger. Your #1 Twitter source for #custserv tips. For #custexp insight more than 140 characters join me on Facebook



Bruce Temken

“Customer Experience Transformist and Chair of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (”



Colin Shaw

“Best-selling author of 4 books on Customer Experience. Founder & CEO, Beyond Philosophy, world pioneers in Customer Experience. Family man and Luton Town FC fan.”



Customer Think

“The global thought leader in customer-centric business management.”



Dan Rowinski

“Senior Writer for Former chef. Like mobile, baseball and adventures.”




“Technology Research, Tech News, Product Reviews & Analysis.”


Forrester Research

“Forrester Research, Inc. is an independent research company that provides pragmatic and forward-thinking advice to global leaders in business and technology.”




“Gartner is the leading global provider of independent and objective technology related research and advice.”



Shep Hyken

“Shep Hyken, speaker and New York Times bestselling business author – Helping companies deliver great customer service and AMAZING customer experiences!”



Ingrid Lindberg

“Customer experience evangelist & crazy-busy traveler! Focused on making services & systems easier for people. And I share fun travel stories!”



Impact Learning (Founder Peggy Carlaw)

#CustServ and #Sales training solutions provider specializing in communication skills & leadership development. #TSIA strategic partner and @CompTIA partner.”



Kate Nasser

“The People-Skills Coach™. Speaker, Trainer. Customer Service, Teamwork, Leading Change. MA Org. Psychology. Blog



Marsha Collier

“Prolific author 40 books: eBay & Online Customer Service, Forbes Top 10, Inspiring speaker, #techRadio host, Founder #CustServ



Melissa Kovacevic

“I love to help ContactCenter & Retail Service clients integrate People/Process/Technology for best Customer Experience & Business success.”



Pretium Press

“We reengineer the Customer Experience worldwide, revolutionizing customer interactions to produce measureable results for our clients.#custexp #cxo #custserv



rachel millerRachel Miller

“Customer Engagement Officer at @Nimble. I organize the universe and make things pretty. I tweet about #sCRM #socbiz #socialselling#custserv #custexp




“Canada’s leading technology news site, events calendar, and job board.”



@TheRunningStart (Andrea Wahbe)

“B2B Marketing Strategist & Corporate Storyteller. Contributor & Canada 3.0 Correspondent. I write about Canadian SMEs and digital media trends.”



Tom Hoffman

“Journalist, husband, dad, customer experience advocate, analytics & marketing enthusiast.”






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