60% of Customers Ditch a Company With Poor Phone Customer Service

Whip your call center into shape! With 2012 coming to a close it’s time to step back and take a look at your call center. A fresh outlook combined with a few simple solutions can make a tremendous impact on customer retention and employee efficiency.


6/10 Customers have ditched a company because its telephone customer service has been so bad.

Source: www.callcenterhelper.com


Webinar on demand: 3 Ways to Reboot Your Call Center

Fonolo’s BEST webinar ever! With a steady stream of questions for Kent McInall, Director Service Activation Assurance at Allstream, he shared how Allstream is winning in the areas of brand perception, customer loyalty & employee productivity.

Here’s a quote from Kent …

“We have deployed this [Fonolo] to our field technicians. We are increasing the number of several field organizations within Allstream. We’ve deployed it [Fonolo] to our largest one [organization], there are several satellite field organizations that we deal with that we’re deploying it [Fonolo] to as well. We’ve got full support from the organization, people want to integrate with our services assurance team based on the ease of doing business with us and this is a critical tool we put in front of our peers within Allstream to say we are easy to do business with, here is how to reach us and here is how to interact with us.”

Curious to find out exactly how Allstream is winning in the areas of brand perception, customer loyalty and employee productivity? Watch the webinar – most of the questions were for Kent who wasted no time in providing in depth answers.

Now available:  3 Ways to Reboot Your Call Center