Why the Travel Industry is Adopting Click-to-Call (and Why You Should, too)

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Click-to-CallTravel is the single largest e-commerce category. Last year, in the US alone, online travel spending exceeded $100 billion! So it’s no surprise that these companies are embracing new technologies in an effort to attract more customers and differentiate themselves from the competition.

“How” you say? Finding solutions that are geared at improving the call center experience resonate particularly well with this strategy. Fonolo, call-back software for the call center, has a number of customers in the travel sector taking this approach with our web call-back solution.

It’s Click-to-Call plus so much more!

You may not have heard of World Travel Holdings, but I guarantee you’ve seen some of their many in-house brands (like Cruises.com) and partnerships (like American Airlines Cruises). With Fonolo, they’ve added the ability for customers to easily request a call-back from a travel agent, right from their website. (For example, see the “SAVE TIME! Have Us Call You!” button on Cruises.com.)


Here we’re providing more than just click-to-call; we’re tracking and reporting custom analytics, plus passing contextual information from the website through to travel agents.

Thomas Cook, one of the world’s leading leisure travel agencies, is also a Fonolo customer. They served tens of millions of customers last year alone and have always embraced innovation – a key reason why they’re number one or two in all of their core markets.


Adding Fonolo to the Thomas Cook website allowed them to give their customers back what they value most – their time. In addition to virtual queuing (we call the customer back when an agent is available); we’re making sure that the agent is ready to handle the caller’s request. By asking for customer details and a reason for the call, Fonolo is able to pass this information to the agent before the connection is made.

Another customer we’re proud to have is Travel Planners International (TPI), who supports independent contractors and travel agencies. TPI’s customers use Fonolo’s web-based click-to-call functionality to work more effectively. Allowing the agents to reach TPI’s call center – without having to navigate their phone systems or wait on hold – allows them to work more efficiently.

These are all examples of customers who took advantage of Fonolo’s Web Rescue solution, with its light-touch approach to integration, in order to offer an improved caller experience and increase sales.


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