Call-Back Solutions for the Call Center

Call-Back Solutions for the Call Center I’ve written about the benefits of call-backs before – how they improve the customer experience while lowering call center costs. Today I’m happy to announce that our new Solutions page shows you how to easily add call-backs to your website, mobile application, or IVR/ACD.

In-Call Rescue is our flagship product- it allows your customers to “press 1 to get a call-back from the next available agent”.

Mobile Rescue is a drop-in component for mobile applications, giving your customers the ability to request a call-back from a live agent, directly from your mobile app.

Web Rescue integrates with your website to give customers a click-to-call “widget” that they can use to fast-track your IVR in order to get a call-back from a live representative.

All of our solutions use your existing IVR, so there’s no need to make changes to any of your business processes. ANI, CTI, screen-pops, etc, all work exactly as before.

And, if security in an issue, Fonolo can be enhanced with turn-key appliance that keeps all voice traffic on premise. This way you can meet the strictest security requirements, while still using the power of the cloud.

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