How Call-Backs Improve the Call Center Experience

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How Call-Backs Improve the Call Center ExperienceConsumers want and need an exceptional service experience when phoning a contact center. However, the reality is that they prepare themselves for the inevitable – long hold times, repeating information to agents, and dealing with horrific IVR’s.

Even in this multi-channel era, the phone channel cannot be ignored. According to Forrester, voice is still the most widely used service channel, with a 73% utilization rate. This percentage has not changed in the last 3 years. So the question remains – how can call centers improve the customer experience by eliminating these top complaints?

As a service organization, if you’re not making rapid changes to deliver the best experience, you’ll quickly get stomped by the competition.

The facts don’t lie!

  • 75% of customers think the option of a call-back is “highly appealing”.
  • 32% of contact centers experienced fewer abandoned calls after call-backs were added (based on a study of 200 call centers).


Ultimately, adding call-back technology results in happier customers, less abandonment, lower telco costs and shorter handle times.

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