Yes, you can add cloud-based call-backs to your contact center without security risk.

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In-Call RescueAs cloud-based services overtake more and more of enterprise IT, data security remains a concern that must always be addressed. With contact centers, security concerns are heightened because voice data often requires extra care and might involve additional regulations. (This is especially true in verticals like financial and health care.)

With Fonolo’s cloud-based call-back service, voice calls between the company and the customer will flow through our servers and so we are frequently asked about security.

How it Works

By installing the Fonolo appliance at your data center, you get the best of both worlds: The convenience and low-cost of a cloud-based solution, with the security of a premise-based solution.

The coordination of the call-back is still handled from the Fonolo data center. That means that you can log-in to the Fonolo administrator’s portal and make configuration changes and watch call statistics (in real-time). Meanwhile, the appliance acts as a proxy that keeps voice traffic local.

Lower cost-per-call while improving the call center experience
Let’s walk through an example where a call center has deployed Fonolo’s In-Call Rescue service with an appliance.

1. When the customer calls in, the company’s IVR plays a message that says something like “Instead of waiting, we can hold your place in line and call you back when it’s your turn. To do this, press 1.

2. If the customer accepts the offer, the call is transferred to Fonolo. This is where the appliance comes in. It takes over the call and verifies the customer’s call-back number and may also offer scheduled call-back options.

3. When the agent is ready, a new call is initiated from the appliance to the customer, through the call center’s phone system. The customer will see a phone call with the company’s ANI.

4. When the customer answers, an agent will be on the line ready to talk. No voice data ever leaves the company’s premise.

call-back timeline

How it Compares

If you think this sounds similar to other offerings on the market like Avaya Call-Back Assist, Cisco Courtesy Callback or Virtual Hold, you’re right! Those are all valid options for adding virtual queuing to your call center. If you’re doing some comparative shopping, here are the two most important things you should know about Fonolo.

1) Fonolo is cloud-based. That means minimal integration, rapid deployment, and compatibility with whatever equipment your call center has today (or will have tomorrow).

2) Fonolo is SaaS. That means minimal up-front cost and pricing that scales with usage.

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5 Reasons to Add Virtual Queuing to Your Contact Center

Virtual queuing is a powerful technology that can benefit you in many ways. Find out why an increasing number of contact centers are using this technology.

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5 Reasons to Add Virtual Queuing to Your Contact Center

Fonolo Resource cover image
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Fonolo Resource cover image

5 Reasons to Add Virtual Queuing to Your Contact Center

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