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Google Hangout: The Future of the Customer ExperienceWhat comes to mind when you think about the customer experience? Most people would say that it’s the perception consumers have of your brand after any point of contact. Today those points of contact are spread across a wide range of communication channels, social media, web, in person and more. That being said, 12 positive experiences with your organization will make up for one unresolved negative experience. This means that every single interaction – regardless of the channel – needs to deliver a positive outcome.

How Can Companies Improve the Customer Experience for Future Success?

According to Forrester, 57% of consumers say they had unsatisfactory service interactions with a company in the past 12 months! Don’t be one of those companies.

Watch this live conversation as we hear from this amazing panel of industry experts. You’ll learn about stats, trends and tools affecting the customer experience! Plus gain answers to the questions lurking in your mind:

  • Are organizations not seeing the value of the customer experience?
  • How do companies stay ahead of changing channel preferences?
  • How do organizations maintain a consistent customer experience?


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7 Tips to Mastering CX in the Contact Center

Using these seven tips, we can creatively turn your contact center into a haven for great customer experiences.

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