The Future of the Customer Experience: A Live Conversation with Industry Experts

The Future of the Customer ExperienceImproving and enhancing the customer experience is an ongoing goal for most service organizations. In a recent Forrester survey, 93% said the customer experience is among their company’s strategic priorities. However, the reality is that only 37% of companies have a dedicated budget for improving customer experience initiatives.

There seems to be an ongoing struggle between balancing the customer experience and cost. In a survey of 609 contact centers, 52% identified themselves as cost centers. A disappointing number since this is the one human interaction consumers can depend upon. Unfortunately, those call centers and service organizations will ultimately suffer in the end.

The customer experience is a direct reflection of consumer loyalty and retention. In fact, 89% of consumers who experience poor service with your brand will leave for the competition. This area of business simply cannot be ignored. By focusing on the customer experience, service organizations can improve the consistency of every consumer interaction, in turn creating happier customers.

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Is Your Organization Focused on Improving the Customer Experience?

Most companies will use the customer experience as a way of keeping up with their peers, but smart companies will use it as a form of differentiation.

Don’t be left in the dark! Watch the live conversation unfold as we hear from front-line industry experts on why the customer experience deserves more attention and investment now than ever before. Don’t miss this opportunity to ask the questions you need answered!

We’ll Discuss:

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  • The state of customer experience
  • The rapid change in channel preference
  • The essence of providing a consistent experience
  • Plus so much more!

The Panelists:

Kate Nasser


The People-Skills Coach

Kate Nasser

The People-Skills Coach™

Twitter: @KateNasser


Annette Franz

CX Journey Annette Franz

Principal, CX Journey

Twitter: @annettefranz


Roy Atkinson

HDIRoy Atkinson

Support and Service Industry Analyst / Writer, UBM Tech – HDI

Twitter: @RoyAtkinson


Rachel Miller



Rachel Miller

Chief Listener, Nimble

Twitter: @rachelloumiller


Shai Berger

FonoloShai Berger

President, Fonolo

Twitter: @shaiberger