Video Break: Credit Union Adapts to Younger Members by Adding Click-to-Call to its Website and Mobile App

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Credit Union Adds Click-to-Call to its Website and Mobile AppToday’s video talks about connecting a call center to a company’s website and mobile app through call-backs and Web Call-Backs (formerly Visual IVR).

Comscore confirms the steady gains of smartphone domination: 234 million Americans age 13 and up use mobile devices and 47% of them use a smartphone. For companies concerned with attracting younger consumers, providing great mobile customer care must be a top priority.

Traditional IVRs rarely provide a good experience for collecting information from callers or for navigating them to the right agent. Web Call-Backs, whether it’s through a website or mobile app, is a great way to eliminate one of the top reasons people dislike the call center experience.

This is the second of two customer testimonials from Mark Edelman of 1st United Services Credit Union. The first one focused on In-Call Rescue.

Some selected quotes:

Nobody Likes to Wait on Hold

Members really like getting a call-back instead of navigating and waiting on hold.

The system of placing callers “on hold” is an unfortunate remnant of the way the phone system was designed decades ago. It is a very poor use of resources: the caller pays for his phone time while the company pays to keep a line open. As the minutes tick by, the customer’s mood worsens and the eventual agent conversation starts off on the wrong foot.

The obvious alternative to waiting on hold is this: If no agent is immediately available, the company should offer to call the customer back when an agent is ready. With this alternative, the customer is reserving a place in line without having to physically wait on the phone. The wait time may not be any shorter, but it is less wasteful: The caller is not tied to his phone (and is not incurring any per-minute charges) and the company is not paying to keep the lines open. It’s win-win.

Adapting Customer Service for a New Generation of Consumers

It was really important for us to find channels that our newer members like to use.

For GenX and GenY, the smartphone is the platform of first choice. Companies that want to attract and keep younger consumers must make it a priority to deliver the best mobile experience possible. The company’s website is second choice. Only if those options prove fruitless do younger consumers turn to the phone.

On Ease of Implementation

For both web and mobile, the implementation was a non-event… Marketing was able to add the code to the site and we didn’t need IT at all.

One of the benefits of a cloud-based service like Fonolo!

On Rapid ROI

I wish I could have every project pay itself off in 60 days.

Another benefit of the cloud-based model is that costs can be quite reasonable. With no hardware to install and no on-premise integration work, the SaaS model delivers rapid ROI.

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To learn more about this project, you can download the full case study.

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