How to Give Thanks to Your Customers

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How to Give Thanks to Your CustomersThanksgiving is one of those rare occasions when call center employees get a well-deserved break (unless you happen to work for Butterball’s “Turkey Talk Line“). For many, however, the norm throughout the year is an overloaded and understaffed call center, leading to frustration for callers stuck on hold.

According to a recent Zendesk survey, despite the uptake in multi-channel support, phone-based customer service isn’t declining. The fact is, regardless of the channel, rising consumer expectations are driving customers to pick up the phone to get their issues resolved.

Phone-Based Customer Service

The good news is, you don’t need a special occasion to give callers the best possible experience. Stop thinking of your contact center as being a cost center. Instead, consider every interaction with your customers as a chance to exceed their expectations, increase their loyalty and turn them into evangelists for your brand. Given the chance, customers reward companies who provide great service: 75% of customers say they would return to companies with excellent service, 56% would recommend them to friends & family, and 33% would increase the amount they spend.

Customer Expectations

By replacing hold time with a call-back, you can give customers back what they value the most: their time. Fonolo offers the most cost-effective solution to enable call-backs to your call center, using cloud-based infrastructure to keep both cost and integration time to a minimum.

Your customers will thank you for valuing their time. And you’ll thank us for lowering your handle times, abandon rates and cost-per-call.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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