The #1 Way to Smooth Out Volume Spikes in Your Call Center

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The #1 Way to Smooth Out Volume Spikes in Your Call CenterAccording to StellaService, 71% of shoppers become extremely frustrated while waiting on the phone and 67% will hang up without resolving their issues.

Clearly, this is the outcome of a contact center having too many calls and not enough agents. The end result is a poor customer service experience, something that’s all too common these days.

Spikes in call center volume can be the result of both predictable and unpredictable causes. From a seasonal rise in calls to an unexpected spike brought on by circumstances beyond your control, it’s key to have a solution in place to handle large increases in call volume.

Improve Call Center Performance

Learn how Chris Abel, Director of Contact Center Operations at Bright Horizons Family Solutions, seized the opportunity to smooth out volume spikes and offer a great customer service experience.

Chris Abel, Director of Contact Center Operations, Bright Horizons

Chris Abel

Bright Horizons

Chris is responsible for all operations supporting four lines of business and managing third-party vendor relationships. Prior to joining Bright Horizons, Chris spent 15 years in the financial services industry.

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