Top 3 Companies with Excellent Customer Service in 2013

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Top 3 Companies with Excellent Customer Service in 2013A company’s future is bleak without loyal and returning customers. Customer satisfaction and superior customer service are top priorities for companies that want long-term success and financial rewards. The following three companies rank as first, second and third place for excellent customer service in 2013. Evaluate how your organization compares, and start your new year by using tips from these companies as leading examples:

1) swept the competition and was rated as number one by MSN Money. With an ‘excellent’ rating of 57.3%, Amazon’s focus on its customers, simplicity, and user-friendly website helped it remain at the top of MSN’s best customer service list for four consecutive years. Stocks continue to rise and an estimated 180 million customers continue to buy as dominates the online retail industry. Amazon’s low prices, shopping perks (such as no-hassle returns or free-shipping options), and online community support the 9.6 million items that are purchased every day.

Business Tip: Create a simple shopping experience for customers and offer attractive shopping perks.

2) Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has more than just customers. The friendly neighborhood grocery store has ‘fans.’ It’s no wonder why Trader Joe’s ranks effortlessly high for customer service with its exceptional recruitment and employees who genuinely love their job. Not only does Trader Joe’s treat its customers like family, the supermarket offers affordable food and private-label items.

Trader Joe’s dedicates itself to providing customers with high-quality products and friendly service, and its fans are just as equally dedicated to the brand. The grocery store has been ranked by Forbes Magazine as among the best places to work and received a four out of five rating. Employees who love their jobs and the company they work for can naturally be expected to go above and beyond to meet the needs of their customers.

Business Tip: Treat your employees and customers with the same affinity that a 1950s small-chain convenience store would, and your customers will turn into fans.

3) LifeLock

Identity theft protection company LifeLock continues to prove that it’s a leading and award-winning organization recognized for its outstanding member service department. Since 2005, the company has led identity theft awareness and helped consumers protect themselves with education and tools. In the fall of 2013, LifeLock was awarded the Grand Stevie for Organization of the Year in the 11th annual American Business Awards. Described as the pioneer of identity theft protection on, the organization continues its winning success after being named Organization of the Year by the 2012 American Business Awards. LifeLock also won the 2012 Steve Award for Sales and Customer Service.

The American Business Awards spotlights the company for its commitment to reducing threats of identity and building a contact center dedicated to excellence. Consumers can count on LifeLock’s expert staff 24/7, 365 days a year. LifeLock’s agents, managers, directors, and support staff provide loyal members with personalized service they can trust.

Business Tip: Turn your services into the mission and passion of your company and you’ll create trusting relationships and proven monetary growth.

Eric Eckhard

Guest Blogger: Eric Eckhard

Eric is a former sales agent for a national moving company. These days he blogs about customer service and the moving industry.

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