Who are you #onholdwith?

Who are you #onholdwith

That’s the cheeky tagline from our automated service that collects tweets from people who complain about hold time on Twitter. (Yes, very clever, thank you.)

Because I spend my days talking about ASA, AHT, abandon rates and the thrilling world of a call center, I often check onholdwith.com to remind me that, at the heart of all of these stats, there are real people who hate being stuck on hold. Like these folks:

People Tweeting About Long Hold Times

It’s easy to dismiss single complaints, but the truth is that you should thank customers for complaining.  They’re the tip of the iceberg: for every angry customer you see there are many you don’t, and they may never do business with your company again.

Taken as a whole, these complaints can show important real-time trends.  For example, Delta is having some serious issues today (I’d mention it to them, but I’m sure they know):

On Hold with Delta Airlines

Your Customers Should Never be on Hold

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, there is a better way to deliver superior customer service over the phone. If you can’t answer calls in a short time frame, replace hold-time with a call-back.

It sounds complicated, but it’s really not.

If your call center is overloaded, a solution like Fonolo allows you to add call-back functionality with relative ease (low cost, quick deployment, through the cloud) and at a lower cost than hiring additional agents to staff peak periods.

If hold time isn’t an issue, having a call-back solution in place is an insurance policy for when call volume spikes (or your employees come down with the flu …). It doesn’t kick-in until you need it, and when it does, it’s a life-saver.

Your Customer Service is Your Brand

You already know this: today, customer service is one of the most important competitive differentiators. Spending 5 minutes on onholdwith.com is an easy reminder of that.

You are what you deliver!


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