Top 5 Customer Service Posts

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Top 5 Customer Service Posts

One of the “mega-trends” that we follow here at Fonolo is the dramatic rise in expectations towards customer service. One of the main forces driving this trend is the incredible innovation we’ve seen from industry leaders like Amazon and Zappos. Consumers, having seen just how good customer service can be, are now expecting that excellence from all the companies they deal with. Another force behind the trend is the way social media has given consumers the power to complain (and shame) more effectively when their expectations are not met.

With consumer expectations at such a high level, how will contact centers rise to meet this challenge? (Especially when most organizations don’t have Amazon-sized resources at their disposal.) This is perhaps the biggest challenge facing call center managers today. To help out, we have been blogging about this topic extensively over the last year.

Let’s look back at some of the more popular posts.

20 Important Customer Experience Statistics for 2014

This was our most popular post in recent memory. The stats listed here paint a compelling picture for the need to invest in customer experience.

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50 Amazing Customer Service Quotes

This post goes hand-in-hand with the list of stats above, but gives the qualitative side of the picture. If you’re trying to justify the budget for a new customer service project, adding some of these quotes to the presentation will definitely help.

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Is Customer Experience Worse in the Age of Twitter?

This post stirred up some controversy. The impact of Twitter on customer service is undeniable, but in the big picture, is it helping or hurting matters?

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How to Create the Best Experience for Holiday Shoppers

The holiday season is always stressful for folks involved with the call center. Here are some good tips that can be used year round.

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The Smartest Customer Service Tactics That You Can Deploy Today

There’s a big difference between good customer service and a great customer experience. Here are a few key approaches to get your company into that second category.

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