How to Cut Costs with an After-Hours Call Center

How to Cut Costs with an After-Hours Call CenterFor many companies, hiring an external service provider to handle after-hours calls is a cost-effective way to provide 24×7 support. Rather than manage a round-the-clock workforce, this allows companies to shift call answering responsibilities to a third-party. External service providers can also answer calls on holidays, weekends, and even overflow periods.

If your organization needs to provide phone-based support at all hours, but doesn’t need to staff an entire call center during those periods, outsourcing calls to a third-party may reduce the financial burden.

However, for organizations that require a high degree of agent expertise, after-hours call centers may not be able to provide adequate customer support. In these cases, customers must call back during normal business hours to have their issues resolved, negating any cost savings.

Cut the Cost of an After-Hours Call Center

Rather than redirecting calls to a third-party call center (and incurring the associated costs), an alternate approach is to use call-backs to defer calls until they can be properly handled by trained agents.

Call-back solutions like Fonolo give customers piece of mind that their call will be handled when an agent is available. When offered after-hours or at the end of the day, call-backs can be scheduled for the next business day, to ensure that the correct agents will be available.

By deferring calls until agents are available, companies can avoid both the expense of having to staff up during periods of peak call volume, and the expense of using an overnight or overflow call center.

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