The Naughty and Nice List for Companies Leaving Customers on Hold

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Yes, it’s true: Santa’s watching your call center.  He knows which ones have been naughty, and which one have been nice.

It’s important to note that he doesn’t like waiting on hold, subjected to endless minutes of Mariah Carey’s Christmas hits. So, if you want to stay on the “nice” list, your organization will have to staff up for the holiday season, or use a call-back solution to eliminate hold time.

To help Santa out, we’ve had a look at, a site that publishes tweets from Twitter users stuck on hold:

The Naughty List

Here are the 10 biggest hold-time offenders, leading up to holiday season.

10 Biggest Hold-Time Offenders

While this list is usually dominated by the telcos (Verizon, Vodafone, Comcast, etc.), it’s interesting to see Apple in the #1 spot.

Long Hold-Time at Apple

On the plus side Apple, at least you’re not playing Mariah Carey.

The Nice List

By comparison, most of Apple’s competitors are in the clear with Santa.

10 Biggest Hold-Time Offenders

Of course, companies who truly care about customer service don’t have anything to worry about. For the rest, well, perhaps it’s time to think about implementing call-backs, so your customers don’t hang-up the phone and go elsewhere.

Happy Holidays!

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