Top Analysts Covering Call Center Technology in 2015

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Top Analysts Covering Contact Center TechnologyTime for the 3rd installment of our list of top analysts covering contact center technology!

Our industry is blessed with a large and engaged analyst community. What’s really awesome about these folks is how open they are. Just by following their blogs and tweets, you’ll get tremendous insight into the latest trends. (You’ll also get some entertaining arguments and witty exchanges.)

The community has both institutional analysts (working for Gartner, Forrester, etc.) and independents. The former have the budgets to do large studies, crunch the numbers and give us useful quantitative nuggets (“44% of  US online consumers say they like having a chat invitation“, says Kate Legget), but often they pull their punches when it comes to specific predictions. That’s where the independents really shine: “WebRTC is the most important new communications technology of the decade“, says Dean Bubley, while Dave Michels says, “WebRTC is for losers“.

You will see some new faces, this year as the list has grown to 21. The growth is partly because we decided to expand the scope and include analysts that focus on adjacent spaces, like WebRTC. At the same time, we tried to maintain a balance between institutional and independent analysts. We would love to hear from you in the comments if you feel we’ve left someone out.

Congratulations to the 21 who were selected!

  1. Jon Arnold
  2. Bruce Belfiore
  3. Aphrodite Brinsmead
  4. Dean Bubley
  5. Keith Dawson
  6. Lisa Durant
  7. Donna Fluss
  8. Paul Greenberg
  9. Ian Jacobs
  10. Nancy Jamison
  11. Drew Kraus
  12. Irwin Lazar
  13. Kate Leggett
  14. Michael Maoz
  15. Sheila McGee-Smith
  16. Dave Michels
  17. Dan Miller
  18. Blair Pleasant
  19. Art Rosenberg
  20. Art Schoeller
  21. Paul Stockford

* Listed in alphabetical order

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The Executive Guide to Improving 6 Call Center Metrics

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