Video Success Story: Reducing Abandon Rates by 37%

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Video Success Story: Reducing Abandon Rates by 37%A while ago, we documented how Fonolo helped Tech CU (a credit union based in San Jose) handle unpredictable spikes in call volume to its call center. Like many organizations, they struggled with high abandon rates (upwards of 20%), no matter how they managed their workforce.

By implementing In-Call Rescue (a cloud-based call-back platform), Tech CU was able to replace hold-time with a call back when call volumes – and hold times – peaked. This lowered the rate of call abandonment: Rather than hang-up, members could instead choose the call-back option and receive a call when an agent was free to speak with them, something that also improved the customer experience.

With Fonolo, Tech CU was able to implement call-backs in a minimal time frame, without having to make any major changes to their call center. Listen to their story and learn how they reduced abandon rates by 37% (Duration – 2:44).



I cannot say enough about the ease of deployment. This truly was the easiest implementation of any system or service that I’ve encountered in my 30+ years in the financial service industry

Jeannie Sugaoka, Senior Vice President of Support Services, Tech CU


I’m proud to say that we made a difference to Tech CU, allowing them to provide better service to their customers, truly a win-win.

Whitepaper: 3 Proven Ways to Reduce Abandon Rates in the Call Center

3 Proven Ways to Reduce Abandon Rates in the Call CenterReducing your abandon rates has been proven to lower costs, improve customer satisfaction and deliver a better call center experience.

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