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Online Chat about Visual IVR with 8x8, Aspect & MoreAlthough the IVR holds an important role in the contact center, the experience in itself is disliked by most callers. In fact, a study from Consumer Reports ranked the IVR experience as number two in a list of things that “infuriate callers most”.

The idea behind Web Call-Backs (formerly Visual IVR) is quite simple: To replace the traditional phone menu with a simple visual interface on a web or mobile device. A visual interface is a much more powerful and flexible way to show choices and get responses from users. But is this the right solution for your call center?

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We talk about:

  • Is the name “Visual IVR” (now called Web Call-Backs) a good reflection of what it is?
  • What are the pros and cons to Web Call-Backs?
  • Are Web Call-Backs a permanent part of the customer experience, or just a stop-gap measure?
  • How can a contact center determine if this is a good solution for them?
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