10 Best Customer Service Articles for 2015

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Here at Fonolo, customer service is a passion. We’re always reading, writing and discussing ways to help companies improve their service delivery and make life easier for consumers.

Accordingly, here are 10 of the best customer service articles from 2015:

1) The Future of Customer Service (Trendwatching.com)

Technically this was written in 2014, but it’s a discussion of trends for 2015 – it’s a good read.

Read this article.

2) The Customer Experience Portfolio (Forbes)

A great discussion about priority customers and how to serve them.

Read this article.

3) The Top Complaints from Employees About Their Leaders (Harvard Business Review)

Echoing something we (at Fonolo) firmly believe: creating a culture of engagement starts at the top, with engaged leaders.

Read this article.

4) 10 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Learn About Customer Service (GetApp Blog)

Favourite quote: “Someone once said that sales without customer service is like stuffing money into a pocket full of holes.” (I’m going to steal that one!)

Read this article.

5) Can Twitter Turn Customer Service into a Revenue Source? (Fonolo Blog)

Something from our very own blog. A very interesting look at the future of providing customer service via Twitter.

Read this article.

6) 14 Experts on the Biggest Customer Service Challenges Faces by Businesses Today (Sage CRM Blog)

Some great insights from industry experts. (Including Fonolo favourites Kate Nasser and Shep Hyken).

Read this article.

7) Predicting American Airlines’ Net Promoter Score® Using Twitter (Genroe.com)

This one is a little different- it’s an analysis that compares a company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) with the number of Twitter complaints about being on hold. Since Fonolo operates onholdwith.com (a site that catalogs complaints from Twitter users stuck on hold), I find this particularly interesting. And if your customers are complaining about being on hold, so should you.

Read this article.

8) How To Build A Culture Of Customer Service Excellence In 10 Minutes A Day (Forbes)

Short but sweet … how a marquee brand aligns its employees on its core values (perhaps something we should all be doing at our own businesses).

Read this article.

9) Customer service in the era of the Internet of Things (Technology Spectator)

A different kind of technology story- one that may have a dramatic effect on how we provide customer support.

Read this article.

10) The ROI of Call-Backs (1 of 4): Lowering Abandon Rate (Fonolo Blog)

Another one from the Fonolo blog. This is the first in a series of articles that lays out the hard cost savings (and increase in customer experience) of using call-backs to eliminate hold-time in call centers. This is a must-read for anyone struggling with high abandon rates, long hold-times or poor customer service delivery.

Read this article.

Happy reading!


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