Leveraging the Mobile World for Customer Loyalty

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Leveraging the Mobile World for Customer LoyaltySmartphones and other mobile devices are an excellent way for your business to reach out to consumers and build loyalty with them. A recent Forrester study found that consumers who access social networking sites from a smartphone are more likely to engage with content posted by a brand than their PC counterparts.

Channeling this engagement into loyalty takes creative thinking, so here are a few ways you can leverage mobile to build that relationship with your customers:

Rewards and Apps

Mobile apps are at the forefront of interactions between mobile customers and brands. One of the best ways you can foster loyalty in mobile users is to offer rewards through them. Take for instance the Starbucks App. It offers a way for customers to pay for their orders, find the nearest coffee shop and receive rewards and discounts just for using the app. Reward systems are a standby of retail, and mobile apps are a powerful way to create brand engagement while building loyalty with your customers. If you’re not convinced that this method works, New Coast Ventures reports that Starbucks generated more than $1 billion in mobile app transactions alone in 2013.

Engagement-Based Promotion

Mobile devices give your customers a chance to engage with your brand wherever they are. For example, you can host a social media campaign that encourages customers to take a picture using your product or service with a hashtag included in the post, and then share and highlight the best ones. Modern smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge take high-definition photos, which helps your customers create photographic promotional materials for you. Seeing their face or their pictures shared throughout your social media pages gives customers a sense of ownership in your brand and can make them feel more connected to you. Personalizing engagement through social media and making your customers’ interactions with your brand the star of your show is a great way to build loyalty with your consumer base.

Immersive Experience

The growth of higher resolutions and larger screens on mobile devices means that companies can use beautiful imagery and interactive experiences in their marketing more than ever before. Create an immersive and interactive experience with your content leveled at mobile users instead of assaulting them with bland advertising. For example, SSense’s groundbreaking, mobile-friendly shoppable music video ”I Think She Ready” features clickable links that allow viewers to purchase products directly from the video and “Shop this Look.” Creating content that is visual, engaging and related to your customer’s interests is perhaps the most important tool in your mobile-marketing toolbox. Customers who engage with your content and purchase your products are loyal customers.

There is no limit when it comes to using mobile devices in your marketing campaigns. As long as you focus on engaging and interacting with your customers, rather than pushing your products and services at them, you are sure to build your loyalty with them. Don’t be afraid to be creative, be different and try new methods.


Kevin FlanaganGuest Blogger: Kevin Flanagan

Kevin Flanagan is a freelance writer living in Phoenix, Arizona. He specializes in technical writing, business writing, and entertainment. Kevin has been a featured speaker on a wide variety of topics at several events in the Phoenix metropolitan area, ranging from theater to historiography.

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