Websites That Put Customer Service First

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Websites That Put Customer Service FirstThe best companies retain their return customers at all costs. Customer service is commonly why consumers become loyal. If a customer has a poor experience at your business he may visit one of your competitors. If your company prides itself on the best customer service out there, your website should reflect this.

Here are some tips for business owners that want to make websites that put customer service first.

Contact Us

This may seem like a no brainer, but always make your contact information easily visible. Some websites have contact information for the company at the top of each page, while others have a “Contact Us” page. A dedicated contact information page can work if there are many departments in your business or if your business specializes in a variety of areas. However, if the page isn’t easily found, some customers might lose interest all together. In fact, 45% of customers will abandon their line of inquiry if their question is not addressed in a timely fashion.


A frequently asked questions page can clear up common concerns regarding your business model, products and services. Use this page as an opportunity to reach out to a larger audience and explain why your customer base needs your service and/or product. Create an individual page for your FAQs and make sure customers can find the answers they want — provide a search tab so customers can search for keywords associated with their questions. Customers who have their concerns answered easily and effectively are more likely to return as repeat customers.


A well-designed website lets customers navigate the digital landscape quickly and easily. Breadcrumbs at the top of every page can easily show customers where they are on the website, where they were last. It also makes it easy for them to find your homepage without a dozen clicks on the back button. With this intuitive feature you’ll attract more customers, as 40% of consumers change to a competitor because of better customer service.

While these features keep customers happy, it isn’t easy to build a streamlined and intuitive website. If you’re tech savvy, writing code for your website might give you more control over the process, but for those who aren’t fluent in code, a good website builder is essential.

Social Media

Social media is a big part of customer interaction these days. For service-based companies, it gives you the power to interact with a wide variety of potential clients and grow a healthy fan base. For product-based companies, it gives you a platform from which to disseminate your product information. However, social media is a double-edged sword. 34% of consumers, says NewVoiceMedia, would take revenge on a company they had a bad experience with by posting on social media. This statistic is unsurprising when paired with what Forrester found: 58% of customer service teams feel as though managing social media interaction is their most difficult task.

Social media is now an essential part of the customer service landscape. Position tabs so customers can visit your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts without hassle. Stay on top of the social media game with a dedicated manager.


Kyla Stelling Guest Blogger: Kyla Stelling

Kyla is a graduate of the University of Washington, where she studied literature. She is the curator of the blog Seattle Street Style which focuses on fashion and design in Seattle where she lives. She has worked in L.A. doing costume design but has recently shifted her career focus to public relations. When she isn’t working as a freelance writer, she is preparing herself delicious food or working on a DIY home decor projects.

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