11 Common Misconceptions About Customer Service

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11 Common Misconceptions About Customer ServiceWe all know how critical it is for organizations to stay ahead of customer service trends. Consumer demand continues to change and evolve and unless your organization stays current, customers will pass you by without even noticing.

Do you have misgivings about a trend or strategy that you’re following? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve debunked the top 11 most common misconceptions about customer service.

1. If the customer is complaining, give them something for free

A free product or gift card isn’t always the answer. Find out what the customer is upset about and correct the issue accordingly. Sometimes ensuring that the root of the problem has been resolved and won’t occur again is enough to appease the customer.

2. Customers care more about price than service – keep your price low

It’s crazy that some companies actually live by this myth. The truth is, customer experience is more important than price and will actually lead to higher profits. Studies show that focusing on providing a superior experience results in a 10-15% increase in revenue.

3. If you met the customers’ needs your job is done

Meeting their needs is very different from exceeding their needs. A customer whose needs you have been exceeding will definitely brag about your brand.  Which would you prefer to do?

4. If customers aren’t complaining they must be happy

Not necessarily. Not all unhappy customers will choose to voice their complaints. For every customer complaint there are actually 26 other unhappy customers who have remained silent.

5. Customer don’t want to speak to live agents anymore

Although customers can self-serve through online support, that doesn’t eliminate the need to have live agents available. Gartner predicts that by 2017, one third of all customer service interactions will still require the support of a human intermediary.

6. The customer is always right – just do what they say

Yes, you should aim to meet and exceed consumer demands, but saying that they’re right EVERY single time just doesn’t fly. The customer can and will be wrong. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do everything in your power to make sure they leave satisfied. (Because you should!)

7. Make the service fast and speedy – don’t worry about anything else

This holds some truth. Customers certainly want their issues resolved quickly and efficiently. We certainly don’t want to deal with agents that are slow as molasses. But, you also don’t want them rushing through the service call. The last thing you want is for your customer to feel like just another number. Take the time that is needed to do the job right.

8. We are a small company so we can’t provide service as good as the big ones

Give me a break! Small companies ROCK when it comes to customer service. Sure, you don’t have the same resources to invest in technology, but think about your organizational chart. It’s much easier to have an issue escalated and solved quickly in a small organization than it is in a big one. Boutique companies are well-known for providing exceptional customer service. (For example, in the financial sector, the customer service offered by Credit Unions is known to be superior to the much larger banking organizations.)

9. Customers all want the same thing

Every customer is unique and will hold a different relationship with your organization. Don’t treat them all the same and don’t think they all want the same thing.

10. Only focus on the positive customer relationships

Really? The negative ones will tell you the most about your business. Understand why customers are upset and find ways of improving, for next time.

11. Customers don’t mind waiting on hold

It’s actually quite the opposite (obviously). Customers are increasingly frustrated with the level of service they experience. For example, 90% of them by being put on hold for a long time. The quick and cost effective solution here is to offer your customers a call-back instead of letting them wait on hold.

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