Case Study: Credit Union Increases Service Levels with Call-Backs

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We LOVE working with credit unions.

This industry truly grasps what customer experience is all about, and we’re always happy to help them provide a great service to their communities.

That’s why we’re excited to share with you our most recent success story, featuring Stanford Federal Credit Union.

Stanford FCU is a $1.7 billion full-service financial institution, owned and operated by over 50,000 members of the Stanford Community.

They had identified their contact center as an area of concern; the department was understaffed and personnel lacked contact center knowledge. Due to a shortage of agents, calls were sent to a backup call center during business hours at a cost of $5 per call, in order to maintain their service levels. 

On top of all that, there was no technology in place that could assist the staff in delivering a positive service experience to members.
Stanford sought to reduce costs, improve their customers’ experience, and increase service levels.

Learn how turning to Fonolo’s Voice Call-Backs solution led to:

  • $60K savings in business expenses
  • 50% reduction in abandon rate
  • 43% increase in service level targets!

With Fonolo’s call-back solution we saw a reduction in our abandon rate, an increase in member satisfaction and an upsurge in agent morale!

– Mark Edelman
Vice President, Digital Member Services
Stanford Federal Credit Union


Click here to read the full success story.


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