3 Ways to Create a SPOOKTACULAR Call Center 

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3 Ways to Create a SPOOKTACULAR Call Center Why not get super spooky at your call center this Halloween? It’s a great opportunity to boost agent morale during those lethargic autumn days.

To start, you’ll have to set the mood. Decorate the office space with these clever yet simple suggestions: 21 Quick and Fun Last-Minute Halloween Crafts. The whole office should be encouraged to bring in tasty Halloween treats and dress up for the occasion as well. But agents don’t want to sit around in crazy costumes, devouring candy corn, and getting caught in cobwebs all day; you’re much more creative than that! During this time of year, agents deserve to let loose and perk up their spirits. We suggest playing these 3 ghoulish games to successfully achieve the most spooktacular call center ever!

1. Halloween Jinx

Post a list of words (ex. scary, boo, pumpkin, October, Halloween etc.) that agents can’t say during their shift and make sure everyone is aware of the words. When an agent hears another agent use one of the words on the list, they’ll need to yell “Jinx!” The person who said one of the forbidden words is eliminated from the game.

The last person who hasn’t used one of the jinx words is the winner. A little prize or simply bragging rights is their reward for being able to zip their lips.

The Corny Game2. The Corny Game

This is the perfect call center game – and the candy purchased can also serve as a party favor. All you’ll need is a bag of candy corn, a chair, and an empty glass.

Place the glass on the ground next to a chair. The players will kneel on the chair and try to get as much candy corn in the glass as possible in 15 seconds. The smaller the glass is, the more challenging the game. The person who gets the most candy in the glass wins the game. This game is a great way to put all of that Halloween candy to use.

3. Deadly Wink

Playing this party game will set the spooky Halloween mood you need for your call center.

Secretly designate one player as the murderer. The team will sit in a circle and the murderer will discreetly wink at another player. The player who was murdered (winked at) must act as if they were killed on the spot. Any player who witnesses the crime will shout “witness” and name the killer. If the witness is right, he or she is the winner. If they are wrong then they have to act as if they are dead and the game continues. Give the winner a fun party favor befitting the Halloween mood.

You can play this game in intervals or during breaks. This gives everyone the opportunity to act as the “murderer”.

Do you have a great Halloween inspired activity that can keep your agents entertained AND on their customer service game? Post yours in the comment section below.

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