Top 9 Blogs to Follow About the Contact Center

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Top 9 Blogs to Follow About the Contact CenterAt Fonolo we always try to deliver valuable and relevant content to all of our blog followers (For example: Why 80/20 is Probably the Wrong Service Level for Your Call Center by Shai Berger). But there’s also power in numbers; that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best blogs to follow so that you’re always up-to-date with the latest tips, trends, and technologies in this space.

1. AspectAspect Logo

Aspect’s blogs share and comment on technology news, trends, real-life customer experiences, and best practices for organizations embracing the power of unified communications across the contact center. At Aspect, you’ll find countless up-to-date entries by a host of bloggers who focus specifically on the contact center industry.

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2. The Call Center School

The Call Center School LogoThe Call Center School is armed with e-learning tutorials for contact center agents to help them remain on the cusp of customer service techniques. So, it makes sense that this blog is geared towards helping companies assess whether their agents require additional training or are in need of a refresher to help turn their contact center agents into lead generators.

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3. Ameyo

Ameyo LogoAmeyo provides consistent weekly updates about contact center technology, best practices, and agent engagement techniques. The blog tends to favour a ‘listicle’ format, and includes infographics that help break down your most complex contact center concerns into seamlessly consumable content.

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4. Monet Software

Monet Software LogoMonet Software’s blog is updated almost daily and provides practical information on all aspects of workforce management for contact centers, including quality monitoring, call recording, performance management and analytics.

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USAN LogoUSAN’s blog titled “Engage” is a comprehensive collection of posts divided into four sub-blogs: omnichannel, contact center, workforce optimization, and customer self-service (IVR). Its call center sub-blog has 45 categories to choose from across key areas. USAN has no shortage of insightful entries to choose from for a contact center professional.

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6. Contact Center Pipeline

Contact Center Pipeline LogoContact Center Pipeline is a monthly journal focused on the specific needs and challenges of the contact center. Their contributors provide a unique understanding of what makes the call center the organization’s driving force for service delivery, aligning customer experience and ensuring long-term business success.

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ICMI LogoChock full of sophisticated resources, ICMI has curated a blog with a wide range of guest bloggers in the contact center space. You’ll frequently find informative new content from a diverse group of influencers, plus interactive polls and forums offering a lively discussion.

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8. Envision

Envision LogoEnvision is your one-stop-shop for informed and up-to-the-minute contact center wisdom. Split into five separate sections, its contributors offer content on customer service, agent performance, contact center technology, and coaching techniques.

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9. Customer Relationship Metrics

Customer Relationship Metrics LogoIf you prefer to consume information visually, Customer Relationship Metrics has you covered. Their up-to-date video case studies, webinars, and whitepapers cover a variety of topics from contact center training, operations, and benchmarking.

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