Who Are You #OnHoldWith? Top 10 Twitter Complaints to Start the Year

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Who Are You #OnHoldWith Top 10 Twitter Complaints to Start the Year72% of customers who make a complaint on Twitter expect the company to respond within one hour. But many of those customers are not using social media as their primary channel of communication. In fact, these complaints are a direct result of the phone channel and customers being kept on hold for too long.

OnHoldWith.com has aggregated those complaints and uncovered the top 10 worst hold-time offenders to start the year. In naming these #onholdwith fails, we’re also serving up the twitter rants that had us laughing, crying, or down-right enraged. We keep this list updated — you can see 2019’s worst companies to call here.

Let’s start at number ten and work our way down to the company who received the most #OnHoldWith complaints:

#10 – UPS

Ben’s sense of humor is the only thing getting him through being kept on hold with UPS. #blessed

#9 – Apple

Apple Music take note, your hold time music directly reflects your user base.

#8 – American Air

Well at least she sounds…productive?

#7 – Southwest Airlines

Rachel; asking Southwest Airlines the tough questions. Seriously.

#6 – Comcast

Comcast is the real reason your father hasn’t spent time with you in months.

#5 – Bank of America

After 12 years, this guy just broke up with Bank of America. At least it lasted longer than any Kardashian marriage.

#4 – Expedia

Expedia; bringing out the binge Netflix watcher in all of us.


#3 – Chegg

Kylie; staying optimistic about being kept on hold with Chegg.

#2 – Vodafone

Wonder how many arson related incidents are due to being kept on hold by Vodafone and accidentally dancing to Coldplay…There’s definitely at least one…

#1 – United Airlines

“Neck cramp insurance is not included with your flight.” – United Airlines, probably.


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