[Webinar] Chat vs. Messaging: A Customer Service Battle

Chat vs. Messaging - A Customer Service Battle

Traditionally, delivering great customer service requires striking a balance between a good experience and affordability. Chat breaks that mold. Customers increasingly prefer it over other communication channels AND companies are seeing a much lower cost-per-contact. Hallelujah!

But now the industry is at a crossroad. Chat has a close cousin called “Messaging” that has similar strengths and is growing with impressive speed. These options may seem similar on the surface, but there are important differences if you look a bit deeper. This year we will see a dramatic showdown between the two – chat and messaging – and the winner will influence how customer service is delivered for decades to come.

Which option do you choose?

Whether your company has already made a bet on chat or messaging, or if you are still weighing your options, this webinar will be a unique opportunity to hear the pros and cons of each.

Join us on Thursday, March 31st at 2:00 PM ET for a live webinar and the opportunity to get all your questions answered.

We talk about:

  • Chat vs. Messaging
  • The Rapid Adoption of MessagingWatch Now
  • The Best Option for the Mobile Future
  • How this Fits in a Multi-Channel Call Center

Who should watch:

  • VPs & Directors of Contact Centers
  • VPs & Directors of Customer Experience
  • VPs & Directors of Customer Service
  • VP’s & Directors of Web/Social Media



Shai Berger


Shai Berger
Co-Founder and CEO



Reagan Miller


Reagan Miller
Vice President Chat Agent Services