[eBook] Mastering #CX in the Contact Center: 7 Tips to Follow

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Mastering #CX in the ContactCenter: 7 Tips to FollowPicture this: Rows upon rows of cubicles, bright fluorescent lights flickering on the ceilings, a host of customer service agents answering calls robotically from frustrated customers. That’s what we normally envision when we think of the contact center. We see it as a cost center rather than a service center.

Now, let’s paint a different picture; one where the call center is used to harness the customer experience and build lasting relationships. Seem impossible? It’s not! Using these seven tips, we can creatively transform your customer service vision and turn your contact center into a haven for great customer experiences.

Tip #1: Identify Pain Points Across the Customer Journey

Journey MappingMcKinsey reports that maximizing satisfaction with customer journeys has the potential to not only increase customer satisfaction by 20%, but also to lift revenue by up to 15%, while lowering the cost of serving customers by as much as 20%.

To be successful, look for common issues and trends in customer feedback data. Also, ask customers open-ended questions; this is a true test of what they think of you. For example: “What problems, if any, have you encountered during a recent experience with customer service?” This allows room for details, rather than a simple “yes” or “no” response.

Tip #2: Recognize and React to Patterns in Call Volume

Did you know that 85% of customer churn – due to poor service – is preventable? By forecasting trends in call volume, contact center managers can determine when they need to staff up in order to meet customer demands. However, due to agent absenteeism (which can reach up to 15% on a Monday) and unexpected spikes in volume, it’s wise to have another plan in place.

In this success story, the Credit Union of Colorado deployed call-backs to help manage spikes in call volume and the result was a 40% reduction in abandon rates, even during sudden surges in call volume. 

Tip #3: Make the Experience Consistent Across ChannelsMake Experience Consistent

eConsultancy found that consumers prefer assistance over the following channels: Phone (61%), email (60%), live chat (57%), online knowledge base (51%), “click-to-call” support automation (34%). This goes to show that although there is a preference for phone support, customers are connecting to businesses through multiple communication channels.

In fact, 57% of customers end up switching from web to phone for support, so the ability to seamlessly transition from one channel to another – without having to start over – is integral to maintaining the customer experience.


Decision-making, if you don’t purposefully guide its direction, can lead your company down a path and to a conclusion you didn’t intend.

– Tony Hsieh, Zappos, CEO

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7 Tips to Mastering CX in the Contact Center

Using these seven tips, we can creatively turn your contact center into a haven for great customer experiences.

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