[Video] What You Can Expect from “Chatbots”

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[Video] What You Can Expect from “Chatbots”?Last month, Facebook made an announcement that would allow businesses to automate its customer service through Facebook Messenger. Before long, the twitterverse was abuzz about bots (cue the hashtag #botmania). And it’s no surprise that the conversation has kept its momentum, and likely will, until we see the true effects this technology has on B2C communications.

It raises a number of very important questions like: Will automated customer support eventually replace the 1-800 number? What will happen to the live agent? How will chat providers be affected? These questions had us itching for some answers, so we invited a panel of chat experts to tackle them and more in a one-hour Google Hangout.

Watch this teaser video now to find out what you can expect from this highly anticipated discussion, “Chatbots: New Reality or Just Hype?”, broadcasting live on May 26th at 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT!




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Chat vs. Messaging: A Customer Service Battle

Whether your company has already made a bet on chat or messaging, or if you are still weighing your options, this webinar will be a unique opportunity to hear the pros and cons of each.

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