Cupid’s Corner: 3 Ways to Fall Back in Love with Your Call Center

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Cupid’s Corner 3 Ways to Fall Back in Love with Your Call CenterAre you having a rocky relationship with your contact center? Maybe you’ve been a victim of long hold times, poor customer service, or having to repeat an issue over and over to different agents. At first, like many relationships, both sides are willing to work hard and even overlook some of the red flags. But over time, once loyalty has developed, its possible that things might get a little too comfortable, taking for granted how hard it was to earn your admiration in the first place. With better communications, it’s possible for your relationship to mend, but if interactions stay the same or get worse, it might be time to cut ties and find a new call center to love.

How do you know if your call center is worth loving? Here are 3 areas to consider:

Your Call Center Calls You Back

There’s nothing more annoying than someone you like not answering a text, or returning a phone call. The same goes for your call center. Whether it’s a busy time of day or you need to schedule a call for another time, it’s important for your call center to provide a call-back option. Being able to get on with your day or speak to an agent at a more convenient time, without worrying about calling back, is truly one way to any customer’s heart.

Your Call Center Provides Multiple Ways to Reach Them

You know when you can’t reach your partner by phone, but you can find them on chat, or through text? It shows how open and available they are to you. It shows they care, and not just ignoring you in a time of need. The same goes for your call center. By providing multiple channels of communication, such as: live chat, SMS, phone, social media, email and more, it tells you that they want to hear from you no matter what.

Your Call Center Asks You How You’re Feeling

“You don’t even care how I feel!” It’s a thought that crosses our minds at least one time during any serious relationship. It may not be intentional, but sometimes your partner does something that hurts you. That’s why it’s so important to simply check-in to make sure everything is okay. A call center that cares will do just that. They’ll ask for your feedback, see what changes should be made to better the experience, and take action to ensure negative experiences are never repeated. That’s a true sign that your call center wants you to love them.

How does your call center make you fall in love? What strategies have they implemented to increase your customer satisfaction levels?

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