5 Videos to Help Call Center Agents Get Through Their Day

5 Videos to Help Call Center Agents Get Through Their DayOk, we get it; the job of a call center agent can be super stressful. You’re constantly dealing with customer rage, and as much as you try to fix the problem, sometimes it feels like customers are never really happy. On top of that, you’re pushing to keep up with strict KPIs (i.e. shorter handle times), and quite frankly, the stress of it all can be overwhelming.

It’s tough, we know, so today let’s add some laughter to your life. Everyone knows that laughing makes you feel good and puts you in high spirits, which is great for office morale! Plus, a good laugh can be compared to a mild workout, as it exercises the muscles, gets the blood flowing, and decreases stress hormones – stimulating more productivity throughout the work day.

So, here are 5 videos that are sure to give you a good chuckle:

Contact Center Trends in 2020

Those Darn TPS Reports

If you’ve ever had more than one boss to report to, you may be able to relate to this one:

If Call Center Employees Were Honest

This video is sure to make call center agents laugh, and maybe even get a reaction from customers:

Golf, and The Workplace?

Well, sometimes you just need a break from the office…

Just for Your Wednesday

Need I say more?

Whether You’re B2B, B2C, C2C, or Even A??

Check out this viral video that puts a creative spin on all those elaborate buzz words used in business banter:


Contact Center Trends 2020


Call Center Trends 2020: A New Age for the Contact Center

Several trends are poised to make a significant impact on contact centers in 2020. This white paper explores key areas that are sure to shake up the industry.v

What’s Inside:

  • Preparing for the second text-revolution
  • Making your contact center omnichannel ready
  • Moving your call center to the cloud
  • AI trends for the coming year
  • Plus so much more