Who Made Our Pick of the World’s Greatest Call Center?

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Who Made Our Pick of the World’s Greatest Call Center?Running a call center is no easy task, they follow strict KPIs, often operate on a low budget, and are highly susceptible to public scrutiny if their services are not up to par.

However, even with a recipe that’s hard for many to master, some contact centers have discovered the perfect ingredients and should be praised for their success.

We often commend businesses like Zappos or Publix, who have historically outperformed their competitors when it comes to customer service.

This month though, I’d like to give a mighty high five to USAA, a Texas-based financial services firm helping people and families that serve, or served, in the United States military. Here’s why…

The company’s innovative approach to technology, and embracing of a multi-channel environment, has helped them deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Its 1.9 million members enjoy: a fully functional mobile app, an innovative fraud alert system, messaging bots powered by natural language processing and machine learning technology, the ability to track and receive updates on insurance claims, and an unprecedented contact center experience (which hopefully includes a call-back solution).

USAA’s customer experience success is certainly a reflection of the way they harnesses technology, and their good deeds have not gone unnoticed. They placed first in Temkin’s 2016 Trust Ratings and Web Experience Ratings, Forrester’s US 2016 Customer Experience Index, KPMG Nunwood’s US Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) rankings (for the second consecutive year), and they’re a top-ranked company in Net Promoter Index of Customer Loyalty, winning in each of their categories for six straight years.

Temkin Trust Ratings
Congratulations to USAA for your continued success. We only hope other contact centers follow in your footsteps!

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