Top 16 Customer Experience Analysts to Follow

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Three years ago Gartner reported that by 2018, more than 50% of organizations would implement significant changes in their efforts to improve the customer experience. In other words, the battle for delivering the best experience was predicted to become even fiercer.

My thoughts? Gartner was bang on: We see more and more companies trying to improve their customer experience efforts (just look at the awards we gave out last year), and doing so will only become more critical.

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The challenge for companies is knowing what to do … and when. How is consumer behavior changing? What’s predicted to happen next? There are so many questions! Luckily, social media tools, like Twitter and LinkedIn, make it easy to follow real-time thoughts from some of the world’s greatest minds. There’s only one caveat – you have to know who to follow.

This can be overwhelming in the CX space, which is why Fonolo takes the time to scour social media looking for new faces and staying true to the analysts who continue to amaze us.

Here’s Fonolo’s 4th annual list of Top Analysts Covering the Customer Experience for 2018!

Congratulations to the 16 who were selected.


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