50 Quick Tips for Improving the Customer Experience

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Your customer is your brand.

Whether your client-facing business is a long-standing institution or the brand new kid on the block, you ought to keep this one fact in mind. In the midst of an increasingly digital space, where human interactions and considerations have the potential to get lost in the mix, it’s easy to forget that most of us are in the business of people; consumers are the heartbeat of our companies, and their feedback and acknowledgement of our good work can keep us chugging along.

Our greatest challenge in an increasingly competitive marketplace? Being memorable.

More and more, a way of standing out from the crowd and winning over customers is by ensuring a top-notch, personal experience from start to finish. Customer experience (CX) continues to be one of the top competitive differentiators this year, and as a result, can no longer be ignored.

If ramping up your CX is a new consideration for you and seems an insurmountable task, fear not: Our quick cheats (and handy infographic) are invaluable resources when reconsidering your CX in 2018, and will keep you on a steady course to a photo finish this year.

Ready Player One?

1. Make the customer experience as personalized as possible.

2. Give something away for free – and for no reason.

3. Be proactive! Fix problems before they happen.

4. Be grateful for every customer complaint you receive. Each piece can better your business.

5. Celebrate your greatest customers, both publicly and personally.

6. Give the gift of omni-channel.

7. Minimize your response times to maximize your customer experience.

8. Listen and learn: Read every single review of your business.

9. Respond to customer requests in real time.

10. Be more available on mobile.

11. Crown the customer as your brand ambassador.

12. Grow stronger with surveys: Make customer feedback surveys a bigger deal.

13. Easy does it: Make the customer journey easy as pie.

14. Get personal: Get to know your customers by asking them questions, big and small.

15. Keep your eye on calls: Take note of peak times, call spikes, and other trends. Provide the tools to improve them.

16. Whenever possible, never put a customer on hold.

17. Build smarter AI: Invest in the growing, ever-changing AI technology that younger customers love.

18. Change things up with chatbots.

19. Say “Thank You”.

20. #SpringTraining: Educated, fast-acting agents make for repeat customers.

21. Engage your agents: Provide support staff with a mutually supportive environment.

22. Happiness is contagious.

23. #CoffeeTalk: Improve internal communication.

24. It comes from the top: Get CEOs on board with a customer-first culture.

25. Learn from complaints.

26. Be memorable.

27. Faces and places: Remember the personal parts of your customers.

28. Dig into the data. Collect customer information from all channels.

29. Read and hear customer feedback. Take it to heart. Take it personally.

30. Mine customer data for gold.

31. Be the change your customers want to see in the world: Implement their feedback.

32. Follow through – keep promises.

33. Customer complaints on repeat? Get on the ground and look for the root of the problem.

34. Treat every day as an educational moment.

35. Create communities: Invite customers in via webinars and interactive journeys.

36. Adapt (or perish): Keep up to date with CX technology.

37. Never rush a customer off the phone.

38. Empathize with upset customers: Say you’re sorry.

39. Never be afraid to ask for help, or advice.

40. Give your customers the option to design or customize their experience with your brand.

41. Every employee should be on the same page of what your brand stands for.

42. Get rid of jargon: Speak plainly to the customer.

43. Provide the option for online self-service.

44. Hire people who live to serve.

45. Use technologies that support both the customer and the agent.

46. Calm customers with call-backs.

47. Listen.

48. Create a quotable company mandate that everyone can get behind.

49. Keep your standards high.

50. Role models: Study up on the companies who are knocking CX out of the park, and learn from their successes.



50 Quick Tips for Improving the Customer Experience


Keep these tips in your back pocket, and use them as your CX cheat sheet. If you require a deeper dive into ramping up your CX regimen, be sure to check out our recent white paper which gives a play-by-play of the CX trends for the year.

Good luck levelling up!

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