Fonolo Saves Consumers 28 Million Minutes of Hold Time

Fonolo Saves Consumers 28 Million Minutes of Hold Time - Fonolo Call Center BlogMany will look at 2019 as a mixed year, one of both wins and losses, and lots of little changes – almost all of them for the better.

But all those little changes add up to something bigger, and it’s easy to forget how far you can leap in a year. We did the math this month, and the results are in: We saved North American consumers from more than 53 years of hold time in 2019. That amounts to a staggering 28 million minutes.

That’s just one win among many for the call-back solution that could. This week, we’re looking back at 2019 and the things that helped us move forward and grow as a company last year.


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Saying Hold It to Hold Time

Let’s start with the most important stuff: Saving you from waiting on hold.

Since we started disrupting the call queue, we’ve been tracking just how much time we save you from waiting on hold. And we don’t mean to brag, but every year the total staggers us. In 2019, we saved the consumers of the world from just under 28 million minutes of hold time. That’s more than 53 years of hold time.

While this may sound like the end of the scourge of call queues, unfortunately, the battle has only just gotten underway.

We’ve seen many businesses and platforms improve their customer support platforms in the last few years; the way companies think about their customers has certainly come a long way. But they must continue to evolve and upgrade their technology to adapt to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers.

Technology: A Teachable Moment

Our aim is to allow businesses of all types to quickly and easily offer their customers the option of a call-back, and all our development work goes into furthering the ease, security, and reliability of our solutions.

The addition of new, enhanced security features has opened up our call-back technology to larger organizations that deal with confidential data, such as those in healthcare, banking, education, and local government.

And that’s not all: We’ve also upgraded our mobile widget so that it’s ARIA-compliant, as well as adding a swathe of new reporting features to our user portal and launching our newer, more advanced API.

That’s not to mention the four new patents that we were granted, which brings our intellectual property portfolio to a total of 21 key patents on contact center technology.

It’s this technology that allows us to continue to deliver a superior product to more and more customers.

We’ve also been working behind-the-scenes on a huge re-brand of Fonolo, including a brand-new website, which we can’t wait to show you (but you’ll still have to wait until it’s ready).

And we’ve only been able to do that thanks to our ever-increasingly-awesome team here at Fonolo.

Introduction‘We the Fonolo People’

One of the biggest challenges any business faces is scaling. Even when the customers are there and revenue is growing, finding the right people to help you grow your organization — to scale its vision and culture the right way — is no easy task.

As a growing company, the last year has seen some natural flux, with plenty of new additions to the team; and the sad departure of others.

Two big changes worth noting, in particular, are the promotion of Garon La to VP of Customer Success, and the promotion of Daniela Puzzo to VP of Marketing.

We have several other new faces around the office, with our first-ever Director of HR, a now fully-fledged marketing team, and a bigger and more rambunctious sales team.


We’d like to think that when it comes to saving people from waiting on hold, everyone’s a winner.

But there are some winners from last year that we’d like to call out.

The first are the winners of our annual CX Excellence Awards.

These are awarded to contact centers or support teams that deliver an excellent customer experience, namely by reducing hold times and improving the journey for their customers.

The 2019 CX Excellence Winners were: Reliance Home Comfort, one of Canada’s largest HVAC suppliers, and the American Bar Association, who both went above and beyond to eliminate hold time and give time back to their customers.

And it just wouldn’t be right not to mention the winners (or losers) of our Worst Companies to Call Awards: Virgin Media clenched the title from Verizon with some impressively awful numbers, and IKEA, TELUS, and Apple made award-worthy improvements to their hold-time game.

The Next Year

The past 12 months have seen a lot of change for us at Fonolo, and we’re looking forward to more of the same in 2020: more new faces, more amazing customer-saving inventions, and more happy customers.

But no more waiting on hold!


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