Fonolo Saves Credit Union from Cisco Call-Back Chaos

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One of the best things about our industry is that we get to work with lots of wonderful people whose goal in life is to improve the lives of their customers.

They’re typically pretty pleased to be able to offer call-backs to their customers, and we’re delighted when they see drastic reductions in abandon rate and improvements in customer satisfaction.

But things don’t always go to plan, we find the greatest lessons are learned. And that’s why we’re so excited to share this particular success story with you…

Who is Credit Union of Colorado?

Credit Union of Colorado (CUofCO) is a large credit union based in — you guessed it — Colorado. They provide over 130,000 members with financial services from only 15 branches, they are proud of their customer-centric approach and focus on creating a great experience for their members, both new and old.

What was their problem?

When we first met Credit Union of Colorado back in 2015, their team of 35 experienced agents were buckling under the pressure of incoming calls.

Although they were well used to handling customer inquiries quickly and efficiently, broad staffing changes had collided with unexpectedly high call volume, creating the ‘perfect storm’; the lines were jammed with anxious callers waiting on hold.

Fonolo Flattens Call Spikes

To solve this problem, we quickly implemented our Voice Call-Backs solution, taking some of the strain and helping them to reduce their abandonment rates by more than 40%. Caller satisfaction also increased, as did agent satisfaction.

But not too long after, things took an unexpected turn for the worse…

Cisco Causes Confusion

One of Credit Union of Colorado’s business partners told them they could save money by taking advantage of the built-in call-back functionality of their existing platform, Cisco Finesse.

The bottom line drives many decisions in the contact center, and so we were understanding (if a little sad) when CUofCo transitioned to Cisco’s native call-backs.

But the story doesn’t end there…

Cisco Crashes Compels CUofCO Return

Perhaps predictably, as soon as the Cisco system was put through a real test, it failed; the system couldn’t handle the extra volume and stopped working completely.

Laura Reinhold, MSCC Manager at CUofCO explains, “We were using Cisco’s call-back solution during our digital banking conversion, and it couldn’t handle the increased capacity. After a week, I had approval to return to Fonolo based on our previous success.”

Fonolo Saves the Day (Again)

Due to the Fonolo team’s understanding of their system, Fonolo was quickly able to implement our Voice Call-Backs solution, which has resulted in significantly reduced handle times and much happier agents and managers!

Nothing could make us prouder than a prodigal partner. We understand that there are a lot of options out there, which is why we focus on making our Voice Call-Backs the most reliable service provider in its category. Plus, we have an awesome group of people working for us, which means they work for you too.

As Laura Reinhold told us, “The MSCC leadership and the members are happy that we once again have Fonolo as our call-back solution. We’re excited to have real-time call data again, and we’re grateful to have a business partner we can trust.”

If you’d like to know more about how we helped CUofCO reduce abandon rates and improve customer satisfaction, you can read the full success story here.

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