onholdwith easyJet during COVID? Join the club…

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The last few months have been a struggle for many companies, thanks to COVID-19.

Travel was particularly hard hit. With almost all flights cancelled, airline customer support departments were inundated with customers seeking refunds and cancellations. But few performed as poorly as easyJet.

Finding that they were unable to get in touch with support to cancel their flights or get information, easyJet’s customers quickly turned to Twitter to vent their frustration. First, they came in a trickle…

And then they came in a flood…

Unfortunately, Daniel, we don’t think there’s any chance of you getting a call-back. Worse still, there’s a good chance that you’ll just get cut off — no matter how long you wait…

The outrage on social media put easyJet under the spotlight in the UK and a number of media outlets picked up the story. Their handling of the situation was so poor that they were called out by the Civil Aviation Authority in a recent review of airline refunds during COVID.

“easyJet is one of the airlines that our review identified as not processing refund requests sufficiently quickly and as having a sizeable backlog of refund requests.” – CAA, 2020

EasyJet resolved to add more staff to its call centers, open later hours, and streamline their processes to get customers refunded faster. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough. We saw a drop in complaints on onholdwith.com, but only temporarily.

The resurgence of coronavirus in several EU destinations, and the labelling of the UK as a ‘high-risk’ country, has put the airline back into a tailspin. Complaint numbers are back at the highs we saw in March. But this time, it’s just easyJet customers complaining.

It appeared that most of the problem is easyJet’s deflection tactic:

It seems that easyJet handled this poorly at every stage. They were slow to react. Then they were slow to process the initial refunds, which left them with a backlog.

Then, they created a voucher refund process that forced customers to call them. This put unnecessary pressure on their team, and massively frustrated their customers.

As soon as European flights began getting cancelled again due to COVID, they were instantly inundated with angry customers. In the last month, easyJet has received more complaints than all the other airlines combined.

easyjet covid numbers

It doesn’t look like things will be getting any easier for easyJet customers either: their recent closure of operations at three UK airports and the ending of several EU routes will only make things worse over the coming weeks.

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