Dangling Calls: A Fonolo Xmas Carol

Call Backs | 0 minute read

Dangling calls,
Queues are stalled.
What’s taking you so long?
I just want to know why you
have got my order wrong.

Hour two,
why have you
abandoned my concerns?
Why am I still wasting time?
When will they ever learn?

Dashing through the day
With my phone stuck to my ear
Endless songs on loop
I pray the end is near

I just want support
For the product that I bought
I wanna shout into the phone
“Can you help me out or not??”

Still in queue.
Waits ensue.
There goes my goddamn day.
Why am I still stuck on hold?
Isn’t there another way?

Why am I
still on the line?
Is this 1958?
I’m hanging up – yes, I give up.
Just call me back, okay??

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