Never Outsource Your Contact Center Again: Use This Technology Instead

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Many hands make light work, so the saying goes. However, it doesn’t always make for the desired outcome.

This is especially true when it comes to contact center outsourcing. It may be tempting to hire an external team when faced with high call volumes, but in doing so, you risk lowering the quality of your customer experience.

Luckily, there are many tools and technologies out there that can help you avoid the need for outsourcing. Some may seem familiar, and others may be something new for your business to adopt — but with the right tactics, strategies, and a bit of luck, your contact center may never have to outsource your calls again!

1. Live chat

One of the most common tactics for lowering call volume is to offer alternative channels for your customers to contact you through. Live chat is one of the most popular options among customers — and it’s incredibly efficient, allowing agents to serve more than one customer query at a time.

2. Call-back technology

Hate waiting on hold? So do your customers — that’s why call-back technology should be an essential part of your customer experience strategy. Not only does it make for a better customer experience, but it also helps your agents manage high demand by deferring calls to a later time. It’s a win-win!

3. Email

Hear us out. While email is not exactly a revolutionary piece of technology, it can be great at managing high demand in your contact center when applied strategically. Remember, by offering your customers more channels to reach you. You can lower your call volumes and respond to their queries more efficiently!

4. AI-enabled chatbots

While AI cannot provide full customer support just yet, it can support your agents by taking over tasks that would otherwise eat into their precious time. From predictive call routing to gathering customer information, there’s endless potential for this developing technology!

5. Smart IVRs

Smart IVRs are making their way into mainstream contact centers to serve customers without agent involvement. This technology draws from past interactions with the caller and resolves their query, only transferring customers to a live agent if the issue is too complicated.

6. Voice-to-message software

This technology converts voicemail messages to emails, which agents can respond to in the written form. It’s a great bridge between two of the most common contact center channels and can provide your agents with a lot of flexibility when serving your customers!

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